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"After three years of pain, difficulty walking, and an inability to work, I have finally entered a new hopeful and exciting chapter in my life It would not have been possible without MedAccess India's help and guidnce."
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India has fast emerged as a desirable destination for medical tourism. Indian private medical centres excel in all medical treatments and a large number of foreign patients are visiting India for Orthopaedic surgery, Obesity surgery, Cosmetic surgery, Neurosurgery, IVF and host of other treatments.

Needs of a patient travelling to a distant land for a task as important as healthcare are unique and must be handled by a professional and competent organization.

Med Access India's business model is built on these identified and defined gaps in the existing healthcare system to support patient's different needs related to the treatment overseas and fulfilling them in the most professional and compassionate manner.

Needs/Gaps identified by Med Access in existing system are:

Med Access India - Medical Treatment India
Med Access India is a professional, reliable, caring and trustworthy healthcare facilitation organization which is evident from its mission statement which is

"to be known as a most Caring and Trustworthy Company in Global Medical Facilitation".

Med Access services offer you:

  The choices and help you making informed decisions
   carefully selected, highly qualified and experienced physicians and surgeons, the best
          of the best for each treatment
       carefully selected JCI accredited hospitals and clinics
       Carefully selected destinations to suit your requirements.
  Coordinate all medical correspondence with your selected surgeon
  Prepare detailed cost estimates
  Arrange for medical consultations
  Assist in your preparation for your surgery and accommodation.
  Make all necessary bookings
  Accompany you to all your surgery appointments.

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