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"After three years of pain, difficulty walking, and an inability to work, I have finally entered a new hopeful and exciting chapter in my life It would not have been possible without MedAccess India's help and guidnce."
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Step by Step Service Guide
  Step 1

 General Enquiry Form:

After Med Access India receives the Enquiry Form with your basic questions and concerns, we will respond with relevant information including:
  • Answer all your initial queries.
  • Budgetary estimate of all inclusive cost estimates for surgery.
  • A basic outline of recuperation period for your selected surgical procedure.
 Step 2

 Medical History Form:

  • You send us the completed Medical History Form.
  • You send recent Photographs /X-Ray's / CT scan / MRI Scan's / Echocardiogram / Angiogram / Pathological Reports or a summary of observations on them as per the treatment/ procedure requirements.
  • Medical History Form and additional medical inputs are forwarded to the surgeon for his professional inputs.
  • Surgeon will make an initial Clinical Medical Evaluation.
 Step 3

 E-Mail Correspondence & Telephonic Consultation:

  • Med Access India urges you to continue asking any questions about your treatment. These questions can be directed to us via email or telephonically as part of the service.
  • Med Access India arranges your telephonic consultation with the surgeon as part of the service.
 Step 4

 Booking Form:

  • You forward the completed Booking Form to confirm your provisional booking.
  • You forward your detailed flight information.

  • Med Access India will forward pre & post operation instructions for your selected procedure.
  • Med Access India will Invoice you for payment of the non-refundable registration deposit.
  • On receipt of the funds we will your bookings and forward a detailed itinerary for your surgery and medical appointments.
 Step 5


  • You are welcomed at the airport by Med Access India’s Representative.
 Step 6

 Pre-operative consultation with the Surgeon:

  • Your first consultation with the surgeon is scheduled soon on your arrival.

  • The selected surgeon will:
    1. Satisfy all your queries.
    2. You mutually agree about the outcome and expectations of the results of your surgery.
    3. You should have discussed all the available alternatives and understood the risks of the procedure to your satisfaction.
  • You sign the consent.
  • You will receive the final confirmation on the fee quoted in the initial enquiry after further medical evaluation by the surgeon.
  • The balance due after payment of the deposit is payable directly to the hospital/surgeon at your pre operative consultation.
  • Payment can be made via cash or credit cards.
 Step 7


Med Access India’s representative will accompany you to the hospital on the day of surgery to ensure that everything is in order.
 Step 8


You need to recuperate in the place of your surgery for the required post operative period which is dependent on the nature of the procedure. Your bookings are done in advance as per your choice and selection.
 Step 9

 India Holiday:

In case you are interested to take your Tour India Holiday or opted for an Ayurvedic or Rejuvenation, Med Access India will make all necessary arrangements and bookings.
 Step 10

 Feedback and Follow up:

  • After you reach back home, follow up e mail consultations are available all the times.
  • In our endeavour to continuously improve our services, we would request you for your honest inputs, suggestions and comments .
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